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Orange 43 Ice Water Hash

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Orange 43 Ice Water Hash is a potent and delicious solvent-less extract made from locally-grown Indoor flowers that are ice-water extracted into a powerful and clean bubble hash that's perfect for adding to bowls and prerolls!  Orange 43 is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid bred by Franchise Genetics that crosses the resinous White Fire 43 and super tasty OJ.  This extremely potent cultivar produces long-lasting effects of happy relaxation, giggly euphoria and a calming sleepiness that makes it the perfect late afternoon or nighttime medicine.  Orange 43 also possesses a wonderfully unique terpene profile with pungent notes of sour orange citrus, earthy lemons, sweet pine and floral spice that compliment it's staggering THC levels!
This is a wonderful medicine for patients with Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Lack of Appetite and Depression.

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