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*OUNCE SPECIAL* - Cookies & Cream

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(FULL SPECTRUM LAB TESTING BY SEQUOIA ANALYTICAL AT 22.9% THC)   Seven Leaves Farms presents Cookies & Cream, a deliciously decadent strain bred by Exotic Genetix that pairs an undisclosed Girl Scout Cookies phenotype with Starfighter to create a multiple-award winning Hybrid!  This powerful medicine is perfect for anytime of the day, with effects of happy relaxation, uplifting euphoria and a creative calm that can last for hours.  Cookies & Cream really earns its name from it's dessert-like terpene profile, that features pungent notes of rich chocolate, earthy cookie dough, creamy vanilla spice and sweet pine that make this a favorite of connoisseurs everywhere!  This is a wonderful medicine for patients with: Stress, Depression, Pain, Lack Of Appetite and Insomnia.



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