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Lemon Banana Sherbet - 27.1% THC

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(FULL-SPECTRUM TESTING BY CW ANALYTICAL LABS AT 27.1% THC) Floracal Farms presents Lemon Banana Sherbet, a deliciously fruity hybrid bred by Crockett Family Farms that pairs the powerful Lemon Skunk with the decadent Banana Sherbet.  This perfectly balanced cultivar provides patients with long-lasting feelings of energetic happiness, creative cerebral euphoria and calming full-body relaxation.  Lemon Banana Sherbet also possesses an amazing terpene profile that completely lives up to it's name with pronounced notes of ripe lemon citrus, freshly peeled bananas, refreshing rainbow sherbet and rich vanilla spice that combine together to form the perfect dessert treat!  This is a wonderful medicine for patients with: Stress, Depression, Pain, Anxiety, and Nausea.

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