Green Trees - Tangie Gelato Hash Rosin

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Green Trees is very proud to introduce our deliciously potent Tangie Gelato Hash Rosin (Solvent-less Hash Oil)! This potent and delicious solvent-less extract is made from top quality locally-grown flowers that are processed into full spectrum ice water hash, then pressed using low heat and high pressure to produce an incredibly powerful and clean full-melt hash that is perfect for dabbing, adding to prerolls, or even using in a vape pen! Tangie Gelato is a delciously potent hybrid blend of the crisp, fruit-forward Tangie and the refreshingly rich Gelato cultivars!  This balanced hybrid provides patients with powerful feelings of uplifting cerebral euphoria, calming creativity and happy relaxation that can last for hours.  Tangie Gelato also features a tasty terpene profile with pungent notes of freshly cut tangerines, earthy citrus fruit, creamy vanilla spice and crisp woodsy pine that combines together perfectly!

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