Raw Garden - Strawberry Jack Sauce - 3g Farmer's Bucket

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Raw Garden presents their delicious line of single-source Live Resin Sauces here at Green Trees!  Crafted from Clean-Green certified fresh-frozen flowers and offering incredibly pronounced terpene profiles, these unique Sauces offer the best in quality, terps and potency!  Strawberry Jack by Dutch Seedbank is a zealously strong sativa-dominant strain that pairs Strawberry Cough, Skunk, and Jack Herer.  This fruit-forward strain provides patients with uplifting cerebral euphoria, happy creativity and a motivating focus that can last for hours.  Strawberry Jack also has an in-your-face berry terp-profile with pungent notes of freshly picked Strawberries, sweet lime citrus, herbal spice and earthy berry fruit that combine together to form a powerfully unique combo!

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