Utopia - C. Banana Nug Run Cake Batter

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Utopia presents their multiple award-winning C. Banana (AKA Chiquita Banana) Nug Run Cake Batter that takes the Banana OG cut to the next level with amazing potency and sweet candy terpene profile! All Utopia's Extracts are produced following strict laboratory techniques using medical grade hydrocarbons and every batch passes Utopia’s stringent grading requirements before being packaged in their food-grade facility. Utopia Farms concentrates are labeled with a unique batch id that allows patients to access the exact run’s test results via SC Labs’ website! * Potency: 81.9% Cannabinoids * Terpenes: 5.60% Total Terpenes * RST 0ppm guaranteed and always pesticide/microbiological contaminant free.

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